Shoutbox Etiquette
It seems apparent that we need to explain some of what is acceptable and what is not about the shoutbox.

First and foremost common sense and respect should be a simple rule. It is not here to display the graphic details of your love life or bash others. It is here for use to inform others of joyous events or just have some fun. When we say fun we do not mean at the expense of others. Especially at the expense of the eyes of any young people that may be viewing this page. It is not a secure page that requires a password to access. If the language you are considering using is something that you don't think we would use on the rest of the page, then most likely it is not acceptable for posting in the shoutbox.

A few other things to note:
When *removed* has been displayed to replace a word you entered it doesn't mean we did an edit on your post after you made it. The provider of the software put into place some misused words that we can not alter or remove. Over time there has been a misuse of very common words that now have been placed into word filters to prevent such abuse. Even our very own DeadeyeDick now appears as Deadeye*removed*. 
Don't try to bypass the word filters with the use of hyphens and underscores to use the filtered words unwisely. This will at the very least result in an edit or deletion of your post if not worse.

We will have zero tolerance for anyone that uses another person's name. We have in the past issued immediate bans for such abuse.

The shoutbox is not here to bash others, other web sites or chats. We hope you can display yourselves respectfully when using this service.

If you have argumentative issues we recommend that you take them to the debate sub-board in the Lounge of our message boards. Such queries or debates are not to take place on our home page.


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