What's In A Chat Name?

Most of us chose our chat names for reasons. It might be our general personality, location or even part of our real name. They can be descriptive or express our general mood. Whatever your chat name is we would like to offer the following advice about some types of chat names.

Deception to lure or trick:

Names like young_hot_gurl might be to attract males of any age. Is she really hot? Is she really young? Is it even a girl? If the mere presence of this name lures you please be cautious. Names like this at times are used to trick and trap. We discourages this type of deception and if discovered could result in serious sanctions. Some names are almost obvious deception when you see them. 

Stalking and taunting names:

There is nothing wrong with a name like lisas_lover. The problem is when lisa is not aware that she has any particular lover. If lisa truly has an affectionate chat partner there is absolutely no problem with the chatter using that name. If the name is used as a lurking name or to taunt lisa then it is clearly stated in the Terms of Service as a violation.

Harmless lurking names:

We discourage that you use an alias that you come to chat with just to observe and not be known by your most common identity. Just don't make the name for playing games or to be purposely deceptive. Many have different reasons why they use an unknown identity. We caution all members anytime that you might make use of these names.

Be yourself:

Much more could be said about names. Everyone has one primary name that is used and known by their friends. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Be proud and use your own name instead of hiding or playing foolish games that can only offend friends and make you look bad. Use good judgment in your selection of names. Be considerate in the presence of your fellow chatters by not playing games or hiding.

We may have to approach some individuals who misuse names for harmful deception which they try to justify as harmless fun. Why? Its stated in our mission statement. “Providing chatters a safe, fun and friendly place to exchange dialogue with friends of a community or common interest.” The key words there are safe and friendly. 

Offensive Names:

Last but not least, any name registered for chat and has logged in can be seen on the home page. In our terms of service you are reminded that we reserve the right to reject or delete any name that might be racist, offensive or obscene. Please use good judgment as responsible adults when choosing names for holidays and remember that even a young person can see these names on the home page. Overly suggestive or improper names should not be used.