Our Mission Statement
  • Providing chatters a safe, fun and friendly place to exchange dialogue with friends of a community or common interest. 
  • To see old friends and make new ones. 
  • To provide the number one chat environment over the entire world wide web
All Yours Chat Terms of Service
Current registered members also required to read.
(Revised Jan. 9, 2007)
Name and Registration
  • AYC reserves the right to reject any name that might be racist, offensive or obscene. If you find that your name has been removed or disabled then, it has been found to be offensive. The names listed in chat are also listed on the home page. Because of this, we feel that overly suggestive or improper names must not be used. Our chat is for members only, but the home page may be viewed by all. Repeated attempts to register such names may subject the member to be banned.
  • False registration information: We reserve the right to review any registered member for valid information such as e-mail accounts. If we discover that the information is false or misleading the registered name could be removed from the list and no longer be able to log into chat.
  • Anyone attempting to register as a host may be banned for life from the chat. With the exception of the sub rooms, HOST are always placed at the top of the user list and are in bold.
  • No one is too register a name that uses LYQOS or any other sound alike form of LYQOS including the names of other chats in their chat name.
  • We prefer that names only have letters or with a combination of  underscores and numbers such as my_name2234. Other characters may be disallowed at the discrimination of the staff and administration. Please remember that currently names with a combination of letters and numbers with no underscores are compatible with profiles registered on our message boards. EXACT name matches are currently necessary for profiles registered in chat and message boards.
  • You are not permitted to use names in the form of email address or web URL links.
More information about chat names can be found here.

Chat, Message Board and Shoutbox Conduct
  • You must agree to conduct yourself with the same courtesy to other chatters that you wish them to treat you. Your conduct and dialogue in the Lounge should be kept to a conservative content.
  • The use of racial slurs, excessive obscenities and offensive behavior are not acceptable and could result in a loss of privileges in chat and message boards. Everyone is entitled to their own views, beliefs of religion, and sexual preference, but rude disagreements and references shall not be tolerated.
  • This is an international and global chat. All nationalities are welcome and should not expect to be abused or bashed by other members. Please do not engage in activities of fighting over the "superiority's" of one nation over another. If you have any personal problem with the ethnicity of someone then place them on ignore and do not make any reference or comments about them.
  • Stalking like activities: Anyone using part of another member's name for the purpose of stalking or taunting could be terminated from chat and lose all their chat privileges. Stalking or extreme taunting is not to be tolerated.
  • Generally the rules for chat are also for the message boards. There should be no post on message boards or in chat with intent to direct personal attack or invade privacy of members or individuals. This includes defamatory remarks regardless to their validity.
  • Click the following link to view general etiquette rules about the shoutbox. Click here
  • AYC respects the sanctity of other chat forums and does not encourage any of our members posting links to our chat in their forums. Likewise we ask others not to post links in chat, shoutbox or the message boards to other chat sites or forums. Any such post in our message boards may be modified by moderator staff or removed. Repeated offense may result in further action.
Appropriate Behavior (Adult/Youth)
  • When adults and teens are present in the lounge only appropriate exchange of dialogue is permissible.
  • Teens are encouraged to go to the Teen_Mall, a room created especially for them.
  • Adults are forbidden to enter the teen mall with exception of HOST who may enter for supervisory purposes only. There are laws forbidding inappropriate chat on the internet with teens and if necessary, action WILL be taken.
General Terms and Appeals
  • All previously registered users are expected to abide by the rules here within.
  • You will abide by the rules and policies set by All Yours Chat and any future revisions of the policies with the understanding that your privileges can and will be taken away and you may be banned from CHAT.
  • We reserves the right to ban anyone deemed in violation of the T.O.S. without notice. In some cases a warning might be sent. 
  • Anyone who's membership has been terminated has the right to submit a written appeal through the S.O.S. communications page. All bans are strictly handled in this manner. It is up to the banned individual to make a personal appeal. AYC staff are not to discuss any bans with anyone except the banned member. There will be no details made public of any information that a member is or is not banned. No one should assume that a person has been banned simply based solely on the fact that they have not been in chat.
  • The staff and administration reserves the right to discontinue, remove or ban any member without notice at anytime from chat, message board or any of it's services. Any unnecessary rudeness or show of disrespect for staff and administration might result in a loss of site privileges.
  • Although the general membership might make a complaint about another member we do not ban on their request alone. Bans are not rendered as a favor from members requests but rather on the demeritorious actions of the offending party.
Select the radio button below if you agree to the terms stated above. 

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NO, I do not agree with the terms and don't wish to register for All Yours Chat
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The administration at AYC assures you that absolutely no information including your email address will be shared with any other service in order to protect your privacy. 

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