tobi » OK DANG IT !! you BEAT me .. but not for LONG !!
livinnheaven » i am addicted to fowl words... round 21... 103,800 highest so far zzwow
justy » wow i didnt know we was here too lol
tobi » lol yes justy we are here too cool huh ?
justy » yes tobi but someone forget to mention it to me
tobi » lol the thesaurus tangle is addicting but it frustrates me to no end
qped » tobi, your bunny thing listed on the homepage shoutbox? here's my high scrore. [link]
qped » FYI- Here\'s that bunny thing I was talking about for everyone else. [link]
tobi » uh huh figures , I can NEVER beat you in these games
livinnheaven » does anyone come here anymore??
qped » Is that a challenge liv?
livinnheaven » only if u like fowl words as much as i do ;)
kittyinboots » heyyyyyyyy justy u lost again lol
Gator » Hi :)
@ll » Hello Gator
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