AYC HOST Application

Please answer all of the questions in this application. Your application will be reviewed and if we think you posses the traits and skills to become a host we will be getting back in touch with you.

After your application has been reviewed and accepted you will receive a notification for a personal online interview. AYC reserves the right to reject any application without notification to the applicant.

Only those applying to be an Administrative HOST are required to fill in all fields. Others may place an N/A in places you wish.

Host Application

Chat Name:
Email Address:
Desired HOST position:
1. Name, Address & Phone Number and name or names you use for chat.
2. Age: (Must be over 18, proof of age may be required. Copy of a drivers license or State Issued Identification Card on request.)
3. How many years have you been in Chat and where have you chat in the past?
4. What qualities do you posses to be a good host for AYC?
5. Have you ever hosted, moderated or been an operator before? Yes
5a. If so when & where?
5b. May we contact the site & rooms you hosted? Yes
6. What assets do you feel you will bring to AYC as a host?
7. What are your pet peeves when it comes to chat conversations?
8. Will being a host conflict with your personal or family time? No
9. Can you copy & paste? Yes
10. Are you willing to go through extensive training to become the best host you can be for AYC? Yes
11. Can you explain what confidentiality means to you and how it would apply to being a AYC Host?
12. Can you navigate around the Internet and help fellow chatters in the finding of information? Yes
13. What experience do you have with computers and do you know how to solve problems easily?
14. Will you be willing to put forth the time and effort to Host at least 3 hours a week? Yes
15. What are your special qualities and things you or others find most interesting about you?

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