New Host Definitions

Our mission statement has not changed and it will still be reflected in the desired qualities of our HOSTS. Our mission statement is as follows:

  •  Providing chatters a safe, fun and friendly place to exchange dialogue with friends of a community or common interest. 
  •  To see old friends and make new ones. 
  •  To provide the number one chat environment over the entire world wide web. 

With the above in mind we will define the qualities of what we seek in our new HOSTS. Let us begin by saying that the term "HOST" is also known in many other chats as Admin, Chat Administrators, Moderators or other titles associated with a member that has more or slightly more permissions than regular registered users or guests of a chat. We shall have a tier of three different level HOSTS that we will list from least administrative permissions to the most. All HOSTS are considered ambassadors who help promote the chat and good will among its members. With that in mind here is a list of the various classifications of our HOSTS.

Ambassadors will have limited administrative permissions which include kick users from the chat when it may be necessary and move members when necessary to another room. Their identity will be the name for which they are already registered thus will have no anonymity. They are expected to be some of our greatest assets as ambassadors and promoters for the success and future of All Yours Chat. They should have a general knowledge of the chat and its functions so they may help anyone who might need assistance with anything about the chat. This is a low level position where they do not have the ability to and therefore, can not be held responsible for such harsh accusations as banning other members. A special pawn color for this group will be green.

 Game Host:
Some might simply want to be a game host where in the past a game night had been so popular. A Game Host will have the same permissions as an Ambassador as well as the ability to silence a member. Silence might be necessary to impose on a member who may disrupt the flow of a game. This imposition would be temporary at the discretion of the game host. There is a special hidden board in our forums for game hosts. A game host may elect to use their current registered name with our chat or a different one to use when hosting a game.  A special pawn color for this group will be yellow.

Our highest level which will include all of the permissions listed in Ambassador and Game Host. Administrative hosts may, at their option, also host games. Additional permissions include Geo Location where they can see your approximate location (City/State/Country) and user IP addresses. They will possess the ability to change displayed names in the chat and can freely move from room to room even if it is password protected. We still believe that the identity of this group should be anonymous. The pawn color for Administrative HOST will be red.

On the following page you will find the HOST application form. Only those applying to be an Administrative HOST are required to fill in all fields. Others may place an N/A in places you wish.

Proceed to application form: Proceed

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