All Yours TRIVIA

The rules are very simple.

  • A question will be asked.
  • After the question is asked all in the Trivia_Game_Room will be given the opportunity to answer.
  • Each question answered correctly is worth 1 (one) point.
  • If after a few seconds no correct answer has been given a hint may be given.
  • Once a chatter has posted the correct answer the game host will say  "STOP" and recognize the correct answer.
  • Following every five (5) questions that have been answered the game host or a designated score keeper will list the standings.
  • After 25 questions are asked and answered there will be a bonus questioned offered to the leader. The leader may choose to answer that question their self or offer it to the room to answer. If the leader keeps it he/she will be given 5 counts to answer after which the rest of the players will have 5 counts. If offered to all the players then the bonus round is 5 counts only. Please READ MORE about our new BONUS POINTS FORMAT.
  • After all the questions have been asked and answered the winner will be announced.
We hope that you enjoy our effort to bring you games to make your visits more interesting and fun. As always we want your chat experience to be an enjoyable one.

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