New Trivia Bonus Question Format

Only a couple of things will change.

What's New?
The bonus will not have a set amount placed on it. If anyone gets the bonus question correct then they will be granted just enough points to tie the leader.

This would then be followed up with a tie breaking question between the former leader and the player who correctly answered the bonus question. The one to post the correct answer first will then be awarded 1 point and declared the winner. The 5 second rule will not apply for the tie breaking question. Hints will be given if it is taking excessive time.

What has not changed?
What hasn't changed is the manner in which the bonus question is offered or the "wild card" factor of how easy or difficult the bonus question might be. If the bonus isn't answered within the prescribed time the current leader is the winner just as it has always been.

The whole idea about offering a bonus question has been to give EVERYBODY an opportunity to win even if they trail by an excessive amount of points. The new bonus rule makes it a little more fair to the leader who doesn't just loose the game by virtue of the bonus alone. 

The Bottom Line:
The winner of the bonus has won the right to a head to head challenge with the leader to win the game.

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